Holly Dyson


Hi & welcome to Grow the Grin!

The Grow the Grin philosophy is based on the belief, that we should never have to restrict, control, or feel shame with eating.

Instead, we can have a full on love-fest, with whole, luscious plantifull foods, each and every day!

This style of cooking is made of playful instinct + laugh-fueled creativity. Just like a kid, making potions out of mud, sticks and leaves. The dreaming up of ideas is endless.

The recipes on this site, are here to serve simply as guides, for you to make your own magic mistakes & epic masterpieces - that you can then claim as your own!

My main homes for the last 5 years have been between Byron Bay, Australia. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and Swansea, Wales (My birthplace!). 

I’m gratefully continuing to travel the globe to cater events, retreats, personally consult, mentor and always learning new tricks for this Grin-grown way of eating. 

The facts are in: a vegan diet is one major all encompassing solution to the toxic meat & dairy industry, insane deforestation, ocean run-off dead zones, over fishing, cull nets, drought & the horrendous abuse of animals... the list goes on.

But do not fret, as there is another way! And it’s about creating a party in your mouth, where every taste, texture & nutritious element makes it. 

It’s the secret to life, where your food looks, tastes and feels amazing for you - truly!

Truth: I came from a place, where buying a ready meal and popping it in the microwave was my idea of cooking. And giving up that cheesy pizza was out of the question… to then realising the true magic of whole plant based foods and subsequently never once missing dairy or meat!

Once opening my eyes to the limitless potential of plants, fruits, spices & vegetables. The journey has freed up every part of my life to the better. I feel strong, vibrant & Alive ~ ready to point my magic wand onto anything wanting to create from here on out. 

Thanks for visiting my page!

I hope you feel inspired to create some magic. 

Please check out my 'work with me' page for past experiences and future collaborations. 

Love  Holly