I’m Holly Dyson + welcome. I provide plant-based catering for events and retreats in the Byron Bay region & beyond. Please visit ‘Work with me” for more information. I also upload delicious plant-based recipes.

Enjoy xx

Mint-Choc Chip Smoothie

Mint-Choc Chip Smoothie


Prep time; 5 minutes


1 cup frozen banana 

1 heaped tsp ground flax seeds 

1/2 tsp mama powder 

1/2 tsp adaptogenic mushroom mix (I used @moodbeli energy tonic blend featuring rhodiola, maca -because you can never get enough maca- and astragalus.)

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 cup almond milk (or any plant based milk)

1/4 cup gluten free oats 

2 drops peppermint oil 

2 tbsp raw cacao nibs


Place everything apart from the cacao nibs in a hight speed blender and blend on hight until smooth. Add in the cacao nibs and do a quick blend for them to mix in but not completely break down so you have some tasty chocolate chips involved.


*If you don’t have maca/mushrooms/flax  in your kitchen at the time, not to worry you can skip these out and the smoothie will still be equally delicious. 

Cacao Crunch Granola

Cacao Crunch Granola