I’m Holly Dyson + welcome. I provide plant-based catering for events and retreats in the Byron Bay region & beyond. Please visit ‘Work with me” for more information. I also upload delicious plant-based recipes.

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Healthy Vegemite

Healthy Vegemite


Prep time; 10 minutes


2 cups black sesame seeds

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/3 cup tamari

1/4-1/2 cup light tasting olive oil (depending on how runny you want it you can add more or less oil)

1 tsp sea salt


Place the sesame seeds and nutritional yeast into a food processor or high speed blender and process until seeds have been broken down.

Add in the tamari, salt and gradually add in the oil and process until a smooth black paste forms. This may take a little while, you may need to stop it and scrape down the sides a couple of times.

Spread onto toast, topped with Avocado for the ultimate combo!!!

Almond Feta

Almond Feta