I’m Holly Dyson + welcome. I provide plant-based catering for events and retreats in the Byron Bay region & beyond. Please visit ‘Work with me” for more information. I also upload delicious plant-based recipes.

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Date Caramel

Date Caramel


Prep time; 5-10 minutes


2 cups dates (packed) 

1/2 cup date water (the water from the soaked dates) 

1/2 cup coconut milk 

1/4 tsp sea salt 

1 tsp light miso (optional)


Shake the dates in 2 cups of boiling water for 40 mins. 

After the dates have been soaked. Drain but keep the water. 

Place the dates in the food processor with 1/2 cup of the water from the soaked dates and the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth. 

Use on top of vegan ice cream, as a cake layer or use as a natural sweetener. 

Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Chocolate Tahini Brownies

Chocolate Tahini Brownies

Super Green Bliss Balls

Super Green Bliss Balls